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Hi, I’m Daniel.

I help current or aspiring travellers, nomads, expats, wanderers and everyone else in between make the most out of this precious time on Earth.

I’ve spent sustained periods of time abroad in multiple ways: as a multi-year expat, as a long-term traveller and as a digital nomad. All of these experiences have grounded my know-how of thriving as a foreigner in different countries. My experiences overseas have transformed me as a person – I can’t imagine who I’d be without the time I’ve spent abroad. Therefore, I can champion the impact that being abroad at least once in your life will have as can the millions of other people who do so.

I consider myself a serial learner who loves discovering and sharing lifestyle design concepts.

The purpose of this site

While there are countless travel blogs out there and no doubt many fantastic ones, they tend to focus on where to go, how to sightsee and what to eat abroad, often from a tourist perspective. There’s less relevant information for long-term travellers or foreign residents who base significant periods of their lives in other countries.

My aim with this site is to provide a resource on lifestyle design for those living or travelling abroad that focuses on bettering your areas of life rather than passively accepting whatever state of affairs you find yourself in overseas. This includes insights and tips on socialising and networking, dating and relationships, personal growth, culture hacking and many more.

Some people might think I promote a message that everyone should live overseas in their lifetime which of course isn’t true (for one, it would be very impractical). However, I know the power of being abroad for a sustained period of time and it’s no coincidence that every single person I’ve ever met who has also done so raves about the positive impact it has on their lives.

I’m motivated when I can share my knowledge with others which is why I started this site. If you’re someone who’s living overseas or wants to, stick around on the blog, I hope you get something out of the insights I’ve learned from my experiences.

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