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Dating In Japan

The Epic Guide To Dating In Japan 🇯🇵 Everything You Need To Know

This will be the first in a series on international dating, a series that will unpack the intricacies of dating abroad and dating people from different nationalities. First, dating in Japan...

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Malleable Beliefs

Malleable Beliefs: How To Think Accurately

I have to write a post that deals with how we think and what mindsets we carry as we navigate our way throughout the world and life. Welcome to the concept of malleable beliefs...

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Negative Freedom Positive Freedom

Positive Freedom And Negative Freedom: The Road To Self-Actualization

Did you know there are two types of freedom? These are positive freedom and negative freedom. Understanding and embodying both will...

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How To Give Value To Others

How To Give Value To Others Abroad – 7 Smart Ways

As travellers, wanderers, nomads or expats, it’s not often we think about how to give value to others when overseas. Much of our focus is placed on ourselves as solo beings looking to navigate our way around less familiar terrain...

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If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

It’s A Good Thing It’s Hard, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

If it were easy everyone would do it. A male friend once griped about the difficulty of meeting and dating quality women he was attracted to. Much like Tom Hank’s character in that infamous...

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Getting The Best Out Of People

Getting The Best Out Of People: The Ultimate Social State

Want to make a good first impression? Infiltrate new social circles with aplomb? Create irresistible camaraderie? Focus on getting the best out of people around you...

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High Vs Low Context Culture

The High Vs Low Context Culture Continuum: How To Optimise Your Communication With Any Nationality

The differences between a high vs low context culture. In his 1959 book...

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Lose The Right To Complain

Why You Lose The Right To Complain (And How This Makes You Better)

What do I mean by lose the right to complain? The truth is we’re a big bunch of moaners. No really, think about it: when was the last time you...

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Social Every Day

Want A Rich Social Life? – Do Something Social Every Day

Whatever your situation, if in doubt about how to go about cultivating an awesome social life, there’s one heuristic you can always fall back upon: do something social every day...

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Why Are Core Values Important

Why Are Core Values Important? – Discover And Embody Your Core Values

We hear a lot about core values. But why are core values important and crucially, how do we discover our own ones and infuse our lives with them?

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Social Currencies

Social Currencies: The Secret To Making Connections And Accessing Scenes

Social currencies are what make the world go round. No really, they are the fuel that underpins the engines of societies. How we share, barter and...

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Nature Of Trust

The Nature Of Trust: How To Trust Yourself And Others Better

Trust is a precious commodity. Some of us give it easily, others rarely. For many it’s the most crucial aspect of any relationship. Yet few of us think about the nature of trust and our relationship...

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Externalizing Thoughts

The Power Of Externalizing Thoughts: How To Think Clearly

Externalizing thoughts is power. Any impactful creation that has ever existed has been the result of putting thoughts out into the world. Yet surprisingly, most people aren’t externalizing thoughts...

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Intermittent Fasting 101

Intermittent Fasting 101: How To Reap All The Benefits From The Game Changing Diet

I don’t usually write about diet-related topics but here I make an exception. Practicing intermittent fasting 101...

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Don't Try Just Do

Don’t Try Just Do: Why Trying Is Weakening Your Results And What To Do Instead

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try”. Even though the words are said by a fictional character, they contain an important life lesson: Don’t try just do...

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Don't Settle For Mediocrity

Don’t Settle For Mediocrity – How To Avoid Becoming Another Statistic By Moving Towards Excellence

“Don’t settle for mediocrity” is a useful phrase to help prevent us from regressing to a life where we never...

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Google Maps Tips And Tricks

Google Maps Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Life

We’ve all used Google Maps to help us find public transport routes, avoid walking past our destinations or even as a sat nav in a car. What you probably don’t know is how useful Google Maps can be as a tool for lifestyle design. Use…

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Vice To Virtue

How To Transform Vice To Virtue: The Candle Analogy

Many people are reluctant to think about setbacks or failures. It isn’t emotionally easy to revisit low moments. But there’s a way of turning vice to virtue, a way of taking weaknesses and actually turning them to strengths...

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How To Use Social Media In A Healthy Way

How To Use Social Media In A Healthy Way

Social media is one of the most groundbreaking innovations of the 21st century. But social media has also come under fire in recent years for certain negative effects. We need to know how to use social media in a healthy way...

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Marathon Not A Sprint

Why Life Is A Marathon Not A Sprint

Marathon not a sprint: As the most successful investor in history, Warren Buffett is, unsurprisingly, a highly sought after individual when it comes to business and financial expertise. But as a master in longevity...

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Social And Dating Life

Why Moving Abroad Is The Best Way To Transform Your Social And Dating Life

Modern culture has made developing a meaningful social and dating life a conundrum for many. Loneliness is widespread. Studies show dating is...

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Lessons Learned This Year

12 Key Lifestyle Design Lessons Learned This Year That You Can Apply

Here are some key lessons learned this year that have helped me in my life and I hope will help you in yours...

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Meeting People With An Open Mind

How To Be Meeting People With An Open Mind – 1 Life-Changing Concept

It’s not optimal to ‘close your mind off’ from meeting new people just because you have a social circle. There’s a logic to continue meeting people with an open mind no matter the size of your...

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Rapid Language Learning

6 Keys To Rapid Language Learning: How To Learn Any Language Fast

How fast can you learn a new language? Some say reaching a good level via rapid language learning takes at least a year. Another guy claims it...

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Texting And Dating

Texting And Dating: The Golden Rule And 9 Principles To Getting Dates From Texts

Texting and dating someone you’re attracted to remains perplexing for many. In an era where calling has...

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How To Get Over Rejection

How To Get Over Rejection: Life-Changing Strats

Let’s face it, rejection sucks. No-one enjoys someone telling them “no”. Being rejected stings, bruises our ego and makes us feel inadequate. Except it doesn’t have to. We can learn how to get over rejection...

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Alternative Dating

Why Alternative Dating Methods Won’t Fix The Toxic Dating Culture In The West (And What Will Work Instead)

There’s a dating crisis in the West. Alternative dating...

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Metis Techne

Metis vs Techne: Powerful Ancient Wisdom For Modern Lifestyle Design

In Ancient Greece, the word metis (mētis) meant a quality that combined wisdom and cunning. It is also variably called know-how, common sense...

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90 Day Challenge

The ‘90 Day Challenge’: The Ultimate Foreign Country Lifestyle Design Project

You’ve heard of the 30 Day Challenge, now get ready for the 90 Day Challenge. The 90 Day Challenge is like the 30 day one on steroids...

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Focus On The Process

Focus On The Process (Probably The Most Important Concept You’ll Come Across)

What is the power of being process-oriented and outcome independent? When you focus on the process of what needs to be done, you’re controlling...

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How To Overcome Language Barriers

How To Overcome Language Barriers And Misunderstandings

This post will show you how to overcome language barriers so that you can better enjoy interactions with whoever you meet...

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Law Of State Transference

The Law Of State Transference: How To Connect With Anyone

Ever met someone whose magnetic energy pulled you in to a great conversation? Or someone whose vibe was so off you wanted to run? Behind both is the Law of State Transference...

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30 Day Challenge

How The ‘30 Day Challenge’ Will Help You Achieve Outsized Lifestyle Design Outcomes

A 30 day challenge uses the power of gamification to push you towards your lifestyle design goals. Over a period of a month or so, you set yourself aims to...

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Need A Morning Routine

Why You Don’t Need A Morning Routine

Traipse the productivity and personal development spheres of the internet long enough and you'll undoubtedly come across sources advocating how you need a morning routine. You've likely come across...

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Local Food Culture

The Best Ways To Discover The Local Food Culture Abroad

Ever wonder how to find and enjoy the local food culture when overseas? If the food you’re eating in a country is authentic? Whether you’re a foodie or not, in whatever capacity we find...

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Language And Culture Relationship

How To Better Your Foreign Language Ability Through The Language And Culture Relationship

This is the fifth post in part of a series on language learning. It covers the language and culture relationship...

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The Power Of Focus In Lifestyle Design

It’s important to have active intent in lifestyle design. Active intent refers to placing your focus on the goals you want to achieve and not deviating from those aims. A story that best demonstrates the necessity of focus is one featuring...

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The Problem With Acronyms And How To Spot The Good From The Bad

We all know some acronyms off by heart. Maybe it’s a catchy phrase you learned in school. Or maybe it’s a set of letters you learned to associate with something else. Business...

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Peking Express

10 Life Lessons From Hit Travel Adventure Show ‘Peking Express’

'Peking Express' is a travel adventure reality show where teams in two compete against others to race from one checkpoint to another usually (but not limited to) hitchhiking. As a travel...

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Vocal Communication Heading

How To Improve Your Vocal Communication And Enhance Your Voice

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis once referred to the voice as “the fingerprint of the soul”. An underlying commonality with the components of vocal communication...

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Living Abroad

6 Reasons Why Living Abroad Could Be The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

Living abroad is one of the most life-changing decisions that can be done. We all know people who’ve ventured to another country for a new life or met...

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Barbell Strategy

The Barbell Strategy: How To Benefit From Maximum Upside And Minimum Downside

We all have different thinking tools that we operate with desiring to get the most out of life. The Barbell Strategy...

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How To Meet People During The Day

How To Meet People During The Day: A Powerful Approach To Dating People In Real Life

Chances are you’ve thought about how to meet people during the day at some point in your life but...

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The Power Of Asking

The Power Of Asking: How Successful People Get What They Want

Asking for what you want seems like the simplest thing in the world. But for many, it’s the hardest. The power of asking runs deeper than posing questions. It’s an...

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Types Of Visas

What Types Of Visas Are There? – 6 Game-Changing Visas For Living Abroad

We’ll be looking at some of the lesser known but no less valuable types of visas that many countries offer giving you an alternative route to living overseas...

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Meet People At Night

The Best Ways To Meet People At Night For Dating

Going out to meet people at night remains one of the most popular ways to find dates. ‘Night encounters’ is one of the five categories of meeting people for dating. Meeting people at night is more complex than ever. There are shifting...

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How To Run A Successful Event

How To Run A Successful Event In Person

You’ve thoroughly planned your event, carefully overseeing each detail in preparation for the big day. Now the day arrives and you want to pull off the event without a hitch. You wonder how to run a successful event that leaves...

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Explore Like A Local

How To Explore Like A Local Abroad – 7 Strategies For Authentic Travel

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. We search online for tidbits that we hope help us to explore like a local in specific places but...

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Why Is Curiosity Important

Why Is Curiosity Important? – The Power Of Being Curious

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” wrote Samuel Johnson. We have things we’re curious in. But we don’t always know why is curiosity important...

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Social Circle Dating

Social Circle Dating: The Complete Guide To Dating From Your Social Sphere

Social circle dating is as old as our species. Since the dawn of time, people have dated others from existing friendship and social groups. Many...

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Learning A Language Abroad

Learning A Language Abroad: How To Use Immersion To Achieve Fluency

Let’s face it—we all learn a foreign language with the hope of using it in a native-speaking country. When done well, learning a language abroad...

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How To Plan A Successful Event

How To Plan A Successful Event

We’ve all been to events—good and bad. The good ones make us feel alive, integrated and remarkable. The bad ones leave a sour taste in our mouth and make us want those hours of our lives back. This leaves many wondering how to plan a…

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Home Country

How Living Abroad Can Help You Appreciate Your Home Country

There’s a saying that we only appreciate something when we no longer have it. For all the benefits that time abroad can bring, an underestimated one is an appreciation for your home country...

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Thinking From First Principles

Thinking From First Principles: 6 Ways To Enhance Your Life And Travels

First principles thinking is a way of reasoning by breaking down the subject matter into its fundamental elements and building from there. Thinking from first principles involves stripping away...

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Stories To Tell

The Power Of Having Stories To Tell

We can never be certain of how a trip or move abroad will pan out, only that we'll have stories to tell. We live in the Information Age with greater access to the knowledge of the world than ever before...

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Dating Events

Dating Events: The Ultimate Rundown On Meeting Your Match At Events

Events are planned social occasions where most of the people don’t know each other beforehand. They can be a great way to meet potential dates whether they’re formal dating events...

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Which City

Cities: How To Choose Which City To Travel And Live In For Lifestyle Design | Part 3

This is the third and final part of a series on knowing how to choose which city or cities to travel to and live in for lifestyle design. The first part details...

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Cities: How To Choose Which City To Travel And Live In For Lifestyle Design | Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we learned that for cities, geographical proclivity is often the biggest determinant in whether they're successful or not...

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Cities: How To Choose Which City To Travel And Live In For Lifestyle Design

Cities are mesmeric human creations. “[A] city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.” noted the biologist Patrick Geddes. A city is an audacious...

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Meditation: The Pathway To Excellence

Meditation is synonymous with mindfulness, the state of being aware of the present moment without judgement or evaluation. Yet meditation remains misunderstood. People pose questions such as: Do I have to practice...

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Real Listening: The Key To Unlocking Magical Connections With Others

You’ve likely heard before that listening is the most important communication skill. “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as...

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Dating: How To Date Abroad And The 5 Ways To Empower Yourself In The Dating Market

This post intends to provide an outline on the state of dating and the ways in which people can improve their dating lives...

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Explore Exploit

Explore Vs Exploit: The Hidden Dynamic Of Life-Changing Decision Making

We all face a dilemma. We know trying new things is beneficial. But using what we already know works is also beneficial. This is the explore/exploit...

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Foreign Language

Foreign Language Learning: How To Listen And Read With Fluency

In many ways, listening is the most challenging skill when it comes to foreign languages. For one, it can create the most overwhelming situation for learners. Having to instantly interpret...

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Prioritization: How To Take Control Of Your Life

Let’s face it, we all have too much to do. Swamped with a barrage of tasks, we meander through hoping to come out on top at the end of the day. On the few occasions we find ourselves freer, a new batch of...

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Saving Money

7 Essential Tips For Saving Money Abroad

If you’ve ever gone abroad before, you’ll have almost certainly thought at some point that you’ve spent more than you wanted. Maybe it was a holiday where you spent too much on gifts and souvenirs. Or maybe it was...

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How To Master Your Goals

Goals are inexorable—we all have intentions and desires of wanting to get from A to B. Intentions and desires are distinct from goals but they form the basis of them. Even a minimalist ascetic who seeks to strip their life of all desires cannot do…

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Language Learning

Language Learning: How To Speak And Write Fluently

One of the best methods for language learning is to start speaking it straight away.  Yes, that means from day one. How on earth do I speak from day one if I don't know the language I hear you...

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Want To Have A Life Full Of Profound Experiences? 3 Reasons And 3 Tips

Are you experienced? This is a question that famed artist Jimmy Hendrix asked many years ago. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t referring experiences...

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The One-Stop Guide On Booking The Best Deal Flights

For most of us, flights underpin our access to other countries. The air corridors planes fly through are our bridges to the rest of the world. Unless you’re travelling to a neighbouring...

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Proxemics: How To Master The Hidden Dimension Of Life Worldwide

Want to know a secret about communication, something that can transform your interactions across cultures and is unknown by most yet lying in plain sight? This is the concept...

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Going Abroad

The Ultimate Decision Making Guide On Going Abroad

Eager to travel but don’t know where to start? Swamped with information from people online and in-person making you doubt where to go? Or ready to relocate to a new life by going abroad...

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How To Overcome Being Homesick

Most people who spend extended time overseas will know the feeling of being homesick. It’s a natural response to an unfamiliar environment which differs in fundamental ways from the place you grew up in. Yet as with many illnesses, homesickness is curable. There are...

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Language Teaching

How To Successfully Get Into Language Teaching And Move Abroad

Language teaching. A pathway to living abroad. A means of conveying your culture to others. A gateway of transformative communication. A channel for leadership and inter...

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What Nobody Tells You About Productivity Advice – Real Productivity For Lifestyle Design

I’ll level with you—odds are you’ve come across productivity advice before. We live in a productivity-obsessed era. There are plenty of productivity...

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Golden Age Featured Image

How To Be Part Of A Golden Age Scene: Elite Lifestyle Design

What do Paris in the 1920s, Naples in the Renaissance and Bali in the 21st century have in common? The answer is they’re all sites for ‘Golden Ages’. Special places and times where...

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Moving Abroad

Thinking About Moving Abroad But Worried? How To Overcome Your Fears And Start A New Life

Many people dream of moving abroad. For some, it’s the desire to hit the reset button and make a fresh start...

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Vagabonding and Travel The Art and Science

The Ultimate Guide To Using The Art And Science Of Vagabonding To Transform Your Travels

Considering the art and science of a skill is a powerful tool for achieving mastery. Too often we categorise disciplines ...

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The Secret Benefit Of Learning Languages: How To Learn Effectively

If you’re reading this, you understand the most dominant lingua franca there has ever been and likely ever will be: English. In the last century, English reached a point at which it’s spread to...

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Why Your Culture Is Exotic And How To Get An Advantage From It

Why Your Culture Is Exotic And How To Get An Advantage From It

Chances are when you think of the term ‘exotic’, what comes to mind are things that are unique and different from the area you grew up in. Things that are unusual yet captivating. Things that...

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