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Yet another newsletter I hear you cry?*

It’s ok, this one is like that quiet kid on your school team who you’re glad is around – not annoying, invaluable and steps in at the right moments.

I create the newsletter with how I’d want to receive one myself in mind – brief, relevant and not too frequent.

A newsletter should only exist if it provides value that is supplementary to the content on the website. While it would be nice to have everything in one place, it’s simply not possible to cover all the concepts surrounding lifestyle design when travelling or living abroad every week in blog posts. The topic is too broad and multifaceted for that alone.

Therefore, the newsletter enhances the blog by providing a compilation of lifestyle design ideas, happenings and links in a nice and succinct package. Some ideas are useful when covered in-depth and some are more useful if delivered in a snappy way, the newsletter complements the blog by doing the latter.

Unlike some newsletters out there, I won’t use it for naval-gazing or to indulge in written ego-stroking. The focus is on providing you with interesting and valuable information so that you can get out there and maximise your lifestyle.

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*If for some strange reason this is one of the first blogs you’ve ever read in your life, pretend that you never saw that first comment and that you will not receive thousands of requests to sign up to newsletters/mailing lists as you progress with your life on the internet.

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