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Hi, I'm Daniel.

I help current or aspiring travellers, nomads, expats, wanderers and everyone else in between make the most out of this precious time on Earth.

I consider myself a serial learner who loves discovering and sharing lifestyle design concepts. Thank you for gracing this site with your eyes, I hope you get something out of it.

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Recent posts

Dating In Japan

The Epic Guide To Dating In Japan 🇯🇵 | Everything You Need To Know

This will be the first in a series on international dating, a series that will unpack the intricacies of dating abroad and dating people from different nationalities. First, dating in Japan...

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Malleable Beliefs

Malleable Beliefs: How To Think Accurately

I have to write a post that deals with how we think and what mindsets we carry as we navigate our way throughout the world and life. Welcome to the concept of malleable beliefs...

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Negative Freedom Positive Freedom

Positive Freedom And Negative Freedom: The Road To Self-Actualization

Did you know there are two types of freedom? These are positive freedom and negative freedom. Understanding and embodying both will...

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How To Give Value To Others

How To Give Value To Others Abroad – 7 Smart Ways

As travellers, wanderers, nomads or expats, it’s not often we think about how to give value to others when overseas. Much of our focus is placed on ourselves as solo beings looking to navigate our way around less familiar terrain...

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If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

It’s A Good Thing It’s Hard, If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It

If it were easy everyone would do it. A male friend once griped about the difficulty of meeting and dating quality women he was attracted to. Much like Tom Hank’s character in that infamous...

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